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REgenerate Forum

Sep 21, 2020

Of late, Laura started to take regeneration a step further in her personal life. With the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, she and her family moved to a regenerative farm in central Portugal to start a life completely immersed in regeneration. They grow their own food and keep their own animals.

While not all regenerators need to move to a farm, Laura says, the nourishment of the soil on which human life depends on, is a core building block in understanding regeneration. According to Laura, regenerative leaders have an ecosystemic mindset and understand that they’re one part of a greater interconnected web of life. Their success depends on the vitality of the greater system they operate in.

While we have moved further and further away from nature and lost our ability to design with nature, Laura says, regeneration means to revitalize and reconnect to the wisdom of nature.